About us

How can Faith Chapel be described in one word?  Family, yes that is the best description I can give to describe this Church.  We care for each other like a family and the wonderful thing about this family is that as it grows we care for everyone that comes in.  We have a slogan here that describes all we want to be here at Faith Chapel and it is "The Church that loves you first," that is our goal to love people despite whether or not they love us or are even a part of us.  

We hope to attain this type of loving people by focusing on five core values that are driving us to meet this goal.

1. Prayer-We want to pray with people, pray for people, pray hard, and pray through, we want to pray until the answer comes.

2.  Serving-We believe what the Bible says about serving, If you want to be great then you must become a servant, we want to wash each others feet so to speak and serve our church, community, and families.

3.  Honor-We want to have an enviroment of honor, the Bible tells us to honor all people.  Love and honor go hand in hand.

4.  Generosity-This is not a moment or an act of, it is a lifestyle in which we want to be willing to give our lives to God and to others.

5.  Passion for the lost-To love people we have to be willing to share the good news of Jesus Christ with them, that Jesus died for us all to save us from ourselves and our sins, and then He came back to life to give us hope for a future in eternity with Him.

This is who we are and who we are striving to be, we have not arrived yet, but we are walking this journey together to become all of this and more.

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